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Reading Ready Brains

Neuroplasticity-based online learning (brain training!) for toddlers and preschool aged children. They will start school with reading-ready brains! Many will already be reading independently for pleasure BEFORE KS1. Miss Emma will be teaching a few children aged 2 and 3 and filming their learning journey from session 1. See which children screen as 'at risk' for dyslexia, and see how the instruction changes.
We invite researchers to pick apart what she does, and why the children become obsessed with Code Mapping and Monster Mapping!    

Miss Emma is your learning guide; explore how to follow and adapt the step by step ICRWY video lessons with Spelling Piano app and how to learn WITH your child!

Order the new guide* when released, to understand the 'Scope and Sequence' and how the learning (and emotional) needs of ALL children are met. This method is unique in many ways, and Miss Emma aims to present a single unified 'Science of Reading' - merging teaching, neuroscience and psychology.

The Code in a Box Teaching Kit has every resource needed for Phase 1 and 2.
However you may want to start with Phase 1 - and will just need the Monster Mapping Kit Handbook for photocopiable resources (this is included in the full kit but can be ordered separately)


Within 3 weeks the children are Duck Handing words they see in the environment - they are Speech Sound Pic Detectives!

*Miss Emma's
New Learning Guide

Understanding my Neurodivergent Brain - Teacher Handbook from Miss Emma
Understanding my neurodivergent brain
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