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Language is at the heart of the I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Early Orthographic Learning System. 
We are exploring 'The Code' - mapping speech sounds to speech sound pictures (graphemes) to move more easily towards Orthographic Mapping, and understanding language bridges the gap between spoken and written language (which is often very different)   
During the initial 'Kickstart' to Orthographic Learning (Phase 1 and Phase 2) the Village With Three Corners is used, to build reading stamina, engage the learners (the characters become important to the children, and in the early years we centre play-based activities around these beautifully written stories - dress up (imaginative play) oral language games, box work modelling (lots of arts and crafts!) poems, songs ...So if reading The Little Old Woman and the Grandfather Clock the children would discuss 'time' and how it relates to their lives. They might 'Monster Map' the word 'hour'.  Thank you Spencer and his Mummy for sharing this with us!  

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