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ICRWY Phase 2

 Code Level Texts

SSP Spelling Piano app for ipads and android tablets

Get the SSP Spelling Piano app
if you have a tablet
(50% off in Apple School Manager 
when 20 or more ordered)

Sequential learning, at YOUR pace. 
Use the timer! Learn with Miss Emma using the ICRWY lessons. How much can you remember in 90 seconds? Knowing what to do, without help, and developing mastery of skills, is empowering.

Hebbian Learning attempts to connect the psychological and neurological underpinnings of learning.
The basis of the theory is when our brains learn something new, neurons are activated and connected with other neurons, forming a neural network. These connections start off weak, but each time the stimulus is repeated, the connections grow stronger and stronger, and the action becomes more intuitive.
You will see this if using the 30 Minute Phonics Routine in your reception classroom! 

Miss Emma's suggested 30-Minute Phonics Routine
- a Kickstart to Orthographic Learning - Spaced Repetition - Differentiated Learning Journey

We know how 2,3 and 4 year olds learn to read - and understand why so many struggle to learn to read in school. Learning Whisperers
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