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ICRWY Phase 2

SSP Spelling Piano app for ipads and android tablets

Get the SSP Spelling Piano app
if you have a tablet
(50% off in Apple School Manager 
when 20 or more ordered)

Nurseries can follow the 200+ ICRWY Lessons, read the books and play with the Code Mapping Tool for US$95 per year for up to 30 devices (unless schools are using the Parents as Partners option - $2 per student for the whole academic year) or US$195 for unlimited devices.

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Phase 2

Fun, playful, hands on learning

Brilliant tracing!

Within 5 weeks these 3 and 4-year-olds are using their 'Duck Hands' to read environmental print. Learning never stops! 

2,3 and 4 year olds reading and writing 'sight words' - in the way their brains want to learn

Future Learning Whisperers, exploring
a unique (ground-breaking) approach to 
'orthographic learning' all children

Monster Mapping - Intervention for Dyslexia

What would this approach to learning look like in School?

The learning journey all travel along!...
but at their pace.



Orange - Green 

30 Minute Routine

Learning Whisperers - ICRWY Learning System in Schools

In Reception/ Kindergarten, we cover Phonemic Awareness, 
Phonics, Vocabulary Knowledge, Fluency, Comprehension,
Spelling, Grammar...and it is all integrated.

The way we do it does not look like 99% of reception classrooms however, and teachers need to be Learning Whisperers as they do not get a handbook or follow whole class 'Scope and Sequence. Teachers use the resources but are TEACHING - the focus is not on 'when do we cover that skill or concept' - it is 'when have the children mastered that skill or concept. Their learning journey may have the same content, but the pace will be different - and why we differentiate and use spaced repetition. Some need very little explicit instruction, some need lots more. Learning Whisperers seek to gain the respect and credibility they deserve as professionals. '.  

Send home the HFW booklets, have a Speedy Sight Word
Station etc - The children can read and write over 400 by end of Kindergarten/ Reception.  


Learning Whisperers in Australia have been using 'Duck Hands, Lines and Numbers' - and Monster Mapping for years! The SSP they refer to is NOT Systematic Synthetic Phonics - it is the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach.  

Learning Whisperers want learning to be playful, fun and multisensory. 
We love to MOVE!

The Speech Sound Monsters align with the IPA and allow children to figure out the sentence regardless of  Code knowledge - and they can then learn new Sound Pics (graphemes) They can also be given a Speech Sound Monstered sentence and attempt the writing - it is easier than simply dictating the sentence.
This is a UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE approach used only by Learning Whisperers. 

Parent of a Grade 2 or 3 child not yet reading?
Do this with them as you can do it without any training, and ask the school to take on at least Phase 1 in reception so other kids don't have to go through the frustration your child has faced. Also tell everyone about EDSLiP so that we can better support children and UK schools. 

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