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Phase 1- Toddlers


I teach, through the ICRWY Phase 1 and 2 lessons (in the app) and you learn the ICRWY Early Learning System WITH your child. Use the resources to join in and do the activities together as explorers. 
You may end up training as a Learning Whisperer so that you can lead sessions yourself! Could you do this? Are you OBSESSED with children? Are they obsessed with you? Relationships are vital. Get in touch! 

Hattie wasn't yet 2, however her sisters
were in the 2020 pilot and so of course
she wanted to learn too!

I'm sharing these to show how interested really little children are - and that they can love the resources (and me!) even without ever seeing me in person! These connections are really powerful


The full kit has everything needed for Phase 1 and 2, use it with the ICRWY Lessons app and the Spelling Piano app. 

If only undertaking Phase 1, the Monster Mapping Kit Handbook is essential.

Monster Mapping Handbook Print File (1)_Page_01.jpg
We know how 2,3 and 4 year olds learn to read - and understand why so many struggle to learn to read in school. Learning Whisperers
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