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Play, play, play all day! Reading Ready Brains

Parent and 3/4 Year Olds
- Pilot Groups Online
(4 Weeks)

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You will need the Monster Mapping Kit Handbook - as it has all the photocopiable resources needed for Phase 1. If you have access to a tablet please get the SSP Spelling Piano app as your child will learn the Speech Sounds more easily, and also start spelling earlier. 
You will need this ready for the first session. 
Please keep a record of the sales receipt and add to the form. 

These are Pilot Groups - so free to you! - other than the resource book - see below

We ship worldwide - email for quote
Order it from the UK shop and pay in Pounds Sterling £40 plus postage
Or order it in the Aussie shop and pay in AU$ - $70 plus GST and postage

Look out for new training dates for teachers!

You will be invited to a private facebook group, and will have a thread for your child. 
You will add pics, videos and ask questions on your thread so that everything is in one place. 
You will be able to keep it all as a record of the start of their learning journey. 
No-one can join the group other than approved participants. 
Everyone will agree that nothing is to be shared - what happens in the group, stays in the group!
Miss Emma will not share any clips without first sharing - and parental consent is given.
As you are being given the opportunity to learn with Miss Emma - and her time is precious - we do expect you to participate and add to your child's thread. These groups are pilots - we want to know that this is an effective way to support parents and 4 year olds. They are being developed as we can reach more parents in this way! We will only be able to work with a few thousand each year at the Early Reading Centre. Online courses help us reach children around the world!  

Although everyone in the group will be asked to do things, to get you started, the aim is that
you get personal attention from Miss Emma that relates to YOUR child. The videos you add to their thread show Miss Emma what they need. Please don't worry about editing the clips (she need real clips, to give more accurate feedback and activities) and do not worry about them showing anything 'good!' Many parents and teachers are initially concerned with the end result - what they can SEE - if a child can do what they want them to do.
Miss Emma is concerned with the learning! She needs to understand them as learners. So do not worry if your child is doing anything that seems 'different' to others, or if they don't seem to be engaging as much - or DOING as much. We need to get rid of comparisons straight away. Trust the process. Understanding your child will matter far more than what they 'achieve' now.  We are going to guide them to be great learners who feel excited about learning - in the long run that will be one of the greatest gifts you can give them. 
Miss Emma needs to understand how they THINK and engage with activities.  

The 4 weeks will fly by - and what matters most is actually how much YOU learn, because you are going to then be able to carry on - their best teacher. You should then have an understanding of how to carry on - but we can discuss what they need next at the end of the 4 weeks.       

Pilot Groups - so free to parents (other than the resource book)
Group 1 - January 16th to Feb 13th
Group 2 - February 27
th - March 27th

Dates after Group 2 TBA
Moving forward, using responses and data from the pilot groups, we will then offer regular sessions, but there will be a charge for Miss Emma's guidance and support.   

Download the info and consent form, scan and email it back to 

Reading Ready Brains
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